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My name is Melissa and I am an executive strategist, having defined and delivered business profitability, marketing and eCommerce strategy for successful fortune 500 companies.


This blog is a journey, documenting my experience. as a  newly engaged woman over the age of 40.  As I embark on this next part of my life, I will share through my writing what I learn and how I approached defining this special day.  I hope this helps you draw inspiration or better yet, I'd love it if you share with me your experience, stories, and ideas.   If anything, I hope to make you  laugh as I attempt  to navigate the terrain of wedding planning, friends and family dynamics. 

This far, I have found both the engagement and wedding planning experience fun, while at the same time feeling the industry, fashion, and planning ideas are narrowly focused on the 20-something bride.  Statistically, I understand the average age of the couples walking down the isle for the first time are late 20's and early 30's.. Over the age of 40, maybe a niche market, but some of us waited until later in life to find our "forever" mate and plan this special day..  

Where are all the ladies that didn't find their soulmate right away? or chose their career and didn't get married until later in life?......... or perhaps on their 2nd, 3rd or (cough) 4th marriage?  I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting my page and hope you join the conversation.